TERA Engineering
Innovation Technology

» AEC sector 
   (Architecture, Engineering and Construction)
» Industrial sector
» Energy sector
» Environmental sector
» Technological sector
» Health sector

Adapting to the fourth industrial revolution, we have implemented within the company the BIM (Building Information Modeling), the Lean philosophy and new technologies to expedite processes, reduce losses, increase productivity and make more efficient the way of building within the public and private sector.

We are a key element in infrastructure development

Our Philosophy

» Altruism

» Excellence

» Responsibility

» Passion

» Leadership

» Ethics

» Innovation

To transform the AEC sector (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) through the use of new technologies, optimizing resources, reducing environmental impact and achieving full collaboration between the agents involved in each project..

To be a leading company at a global level, implementing and developing new technologies in the AEC sector, collaborating with public and private institutions in order to be a top company in the implementation of technology in the construction field. .

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